He's back for more


Hi! I’m new here. I just had to respond to your post about your “soon-to-be-ex” wanting sex…Perhaps you could tell him to take away the S from the word S_E_X and ask him what that means to him!

I would think that if you’re already separated, then you have no obligation to supply his physical needs. Tell him to go handle it himself!

The fact that you have to “keep telling him” shows that, even though you might be separated, your involvement with each other hasnt reached the stage of separation yet. For some reason, he must feel that he can probably still get that close to you, or he wouldnt even attempt to continue to ask for sex.



Hi Linne:

Thanks for your response! I just had to laugh when I read that line. I’m thinking b/c he’s being SO amicable in this whole process, that’ll something will give!!! Oh yeah…!! Sure![:p]

I’ll keep that saying in mind!!! That’ll turn off the urge IMMEDIATELY!!!


Question: If your soon to be ex want to have a little roll in the hay, doesn’t that go against your separation?

I keep telling him I’m not blowing my chances of happiness for one night of what he would call pleasure, I’m so repulsed by the fact he even had to ask about it???[xx(]