How can a father do this?


It’s been almost 7 year and all of a sudden my daughter’s father wants a DNA done. He wants me to agree to a DNA because his mother says she is not his, but she looks just like him. His mother said that it is because I was pregnant the time he was on a mission. I would assume so, since I got pregnant right before he left or a day or two after he left. (sperm stays in your body up to 5 days).

My ex was on the phone when I was in labor, came home two days after she was born. He spent the 10 days with us, then went back to japan. When we got divorced he even made sure that what he wanted for visitation was in the papers. He has only seen her twice since that has happened, but I think he is doing this because he is over $11,000 in the rears and his mother.

Can this be done after almost 7 years later? There is court documents with his signature and him saying, “YES, this is my daughter”? Why now?


He is presumed to be the father, but may have a DNA test ordered.