How do you ask the judge to make judgments regarding sitters

My ex uses teenagers who are really not quite what anyone would deem decent candidates for babysitters. I’ve got photographs of the primary babysitter (and he lied about that in the tem phearing as well). In every picture, going back two years, this minor has a beer in her hand. THis is who is watching my child almost every day, taking her to the beach (a terrifying thought), after school, and even overnight. I would never, ever leave my six-year-old overnight with a teeanger, and certainly not one I’d been shown pictures of, drinking in every picture. I wouldn’t let such a kid take mine to the beach, either.

I know that some people have really strict orders in place about who the kids can hang out with, who can babysit, etc. For example, a friend here in Wake County cannot take his kids anywhere out of Wake or Orange Counties without the mother’s permission. He cannot have any single women spending the night. ALL babysitters have to be pre-approved by the mother before he can use them.

How does something like this happen? I’m really concerned about this, have made my concerns known, have shown them the photographs, and still, I just get, “Mind your own business” in reply.

You should voice your concerns about your ex’s decisions regarding child care at the hearing, and may show the judge the picture of the minor you have.

Thank you.

How about women spending the night? She’s really confused about that issue. If they’re not married? Or is this just wrong? I know others do it, and I really don’t care, but I do wonder how it affects my little girl, who voiced such confusion about it.

You may bring the issue to the judges attention. Some judges will prohibit having overnights guests and some will not.