How I lost my boys

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We all make mistakes in a divorce situation and no one involved is ever completely innocent. However, it seems there’s always one who pays a higher price than they should.

“Justice IS blind,…and she’s deaf too.”

Thank you for your thoughts. As I am going through a divorce and have 2 sons I love dearly, I will make sure I never say to my wife that she can have my sons! I will fight to my last dying breath for them and if what happened to you happens to me, I will not sit back and take it. Your story is another of many perfect examples of how the legal system has failed this country. The judge in your case should not have allowed this to happen to you. How does Amy feel about this? Would she not support your efforts to maintain your custody agreement?

My prayers are with you! And, if I hit the lottery, I will come find you and we will hire the best ethical lawyers in the country and get your sons back!


If you have stumbled across this and by chance know me, you will find this disturbing, not funny. This is not my usual finding comedy in life and writing about it. I know the years will fade my memory of the events that lead to the worst disaster in my life, and possibly the lives of my children. I need to do this. I need an accounting. I need to be accountable. I hope someday to be forgiven. With that said, history can be unkind. My mother was adopted at birth. My parents divorced when I was seven. My dad ran a way with another woman, my mom was, and still is crazy and never could take care of me, or my brother and sister. I was adopted by a step dad in my teens. I lived with them for two years and returned to the security of my grandparents at age 17. My grandparents raised me most of my life and I took their name at age 21.

To be fair, it wasn