How to verify divorce in NC


I have started seeing someone that was married and living in Cary NC. She went home to WV to take care of her sick mom and her husband met someone else and broke it off. She has never been served Divorce papers but to her knowledge he has remarried. We would like to verify that she is divorced. How is the easiest way of doing this?


She should be able to find a record at the courthouse in the city where she lived. It is public record and all she has to do is go to the courthouse and get on one of their computers and do a search on her and her husband’s name.


Thank you for your assistance. However, she currently lives in Chapmanville, WV which according to her is about a 6-7 hour drive 1-way. Is there anyway to access the computers online?


Some court house’s are nice. Call the records department and maybe they can check their system for you. She would have to explain what is going on and they should say yes or no.


If her ex was living in NC it is likely that the divorce was entered here, you will want to check with vital records in the county she was living in when she was here as well.