Humbled to apology

I admire your efforts on this. If you show that they can’t “ruffle” your feathers over every little thing then maybe they will quit trying to. It’s not a bad thing to be humble but never apologize for something you are not sorry for though. If the issue is important enough, take a stand and do not back down and giving in on some little things will make a bigger impact when you don’t give in.

It’s difficult to give up “control” until you realize that you never truly had it to begin with…
Believe me when I say that there will be more issues and situations in the future that will require you to stand up to the ex so picking your battles is the best way to survive the war…no one really wins.
All you can do is what you think is best for your child while he is with you and hope that your ex does the same. Let your child see you leading the life you want him to have…

I hope that this has positive results, even if he does not respond in kind, if you keep doing the next right thing, you are doing what is best for your child.

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keep your expectations as low as possible about your relationship with your ex and even w/ his current girlfriend. Make a point of thanking him sincerely when he compromises or just does a better job cooperating for the sake of the child. Unfortunately kids pick up all too easily and quickly on negative vibes between mom and dad and new girlfriends/boyfriends or steps. Keep things pleasant and professional and if you have to, smile through gritted teeth and bite your tongue…been there, done that.

In an effort to promote a peaceful co-existance and healthy co-parenting relationship with my ex I have called him and apologized for my part in a nasty argument over many things. He never apologized for his part, but I have to choose my battles wisely. I still feel like I should have some legal ground for some of the issues. Bottom line is he is taking my son for spring break and he is very spiteful and in hopes that he will at least let him call me daily I’m “suckin’ up and putting any egos to rest”. I hope I am doing the right thing. I’m still going to take stepmom’s advice and not have ANY contact with his girlfriend. She and I were getting along fine until she just stepped in and ‘butted in’ a dispute between my ex and I. Too many cooks in the kitchen. I am always the one to apologize, make peace, make sacrifices and I wonder if it will ever just be peaceful!!