Hurting Father

I am sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, if you are not the biological parent of the child, then you do not have parental rights. If you can show your wife is unfit, and has given up her constitutionally protected rights as a parent, then as a 3rd party, you may get custody of the little girl. You would have a much better chance of getting custody of your sons, however.

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I’m about to become seperated, as this is what my wife stated as being her wish. She has told me that there’s nothing there at all, that she feels absolutely nothing for me, that it’s been over for a long time, and that she gave up several years ago.

I’m about to find out through a home paternity test weither or not my 7 month old daughter is actually my biological daughter. This is being done without my soon-to-be ex-wife’s knowledge, but if my worst fears turn out to be true then:

1)What would my chances be of getting full custody of my 2 sons that are definately biologically mine?

2)Is there any chance that I could get custody of my daughter, even though she isn’t mine biologically?

She’s my sweetheart, my little girl. I fell in love with her the moment that my wife told me that she was pregnant and that love’s done nothing but grow more and more with each passing day. I honestly can’t fathom what it might be like to wake up every morning and not having her smile be the last thing that i see before I leave for work and the first thing that I see when she gets home at night.

Please … if my worst fears come to pass then please tell me that there’s hope.