Husband Won't Leave the House - Asked to Leave 8 Months Ago

My husband and I have 3 children. He has been unemployed for three years now. Prior to that he had worked for 11 months at a company in Cary and before that he worked for himself. The man has has a cyber -affair during this time nor has he contributed to the household bills in three years. Prior to that his contributions to the houshold were spotty at best depending on his business. He is verbally abusive to me and to the children. I have asked twice now for him to leave the household, but he refuses. He states that he does not need to leave the house his name is on the deed the same as mine. I have asked an attorney about Divorce from Bed and Board much like the previous posting. The answer much like the previous posting is that in Guilford Co. it is hard to obtain a D from B&B. I am basically at my wits end, I am finacially unable to leave my home and establish another place of living for myself and children and legally the system seem to laugh in the face of those who are emotionally abused. What esle is there legally that can be done to get a seperation from my husband and get his name off the deed and loan of the home.

Even if a divorce from bed and board is hard to obtain, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. You should strongly consider filing for one because it is the best possible relief you have available through the court system. If you are unable to obtain one, you should move out and immediately file a claim for equitable distribution with a motion for interim distribution of the house.

What are the other alternatives for it to get rid of them? I guess they must file a case against him again…

There is no alternative to force him to move out expect for the divorce from bed and board as previously discussed.