I finally spoke to my children


Dear sad dad:

Greetings. It is unlikely that you will be able to recover any of the funds you paid. Just move forward in decreasing what you have now. My other word of advice is to possibly get a local phone number in Virginia where your kids live through Vonage (rather cheap) and tell your children so that they can call you whenever they want and Mom will never know and can’t stop them (no long distance). Thank you.

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you can read my story posted 7/15/2005.even tho i have visitation rights my ex wife would never let me speak to my children when i called.I am in florida,they are in N.C.[I fled because I got tired of her having me arrested.]I pay too much in child support because I am afraid to go to N.C court to get a reduction,because she’s probably still calling to report me trying to break in,that’s what she uses.After 4 years I finally got thru on the phone,and spoke to my children,13,16,18[their ages]" mom said you never tried to get ahold of us"The typical,right?.after much tears they gave me all the imformation I had wondered about.lets make this short…I called child enforcement in N.C. Ex never reported my 18 yrold moved out on her own.[I’m still paying for her].never reported the boyfriend moved in.[quite wealthy].she claims they are living in poverty.child services says she is suppose to report these things.now they are all moving into a nice new house he bought for them in Virginia.I called N.C to find if there are any warrants for my arrest,they said no.[cool] N.C.just changed the law .I can work with fla.thru conf.call to get a well needed reduction.do i need a lawyer to make the courts realize that she has lied so many timesand maybe I can get some of this back support off of me.49,000 It’s killing me .I can’t afford a lawyer .there is just NO extra money.