Is it a threat or not?


I would think that unless he actually communicates this threat to the other man, then it is just angry talk. One good question, though: How would your husband know he has called? Are you still living together? If so, WHY???


They way people are thinking today I will take it as a threat, I will let someone know, even though he works for the police I will let them know and whoever you tell(since hes a police) make sure they know you are documenting that they have been informed of the threats and you will be writing down their name as a person you contacted. take no death threats forgranted. a scorn, made, embaressed polieman is a dangerous thing.


almost as dangerous as a scorn , angry woman


May I ask do you have children.
And may I ask what is happiness.

I actually had my wife’s “buddy” call me and tell me she would be happier with him. !! WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT…

The drop of dime, a person is faced with not seeing his kids fall asleep at night. Dealing with the guilt of being away from the them by no fault of his own, and then learning that this is perfectly normal in the eyes of the law, and so the heartache begins !

What is happiness? Happiness I have found is the moments in time spent with the ones who love you unconditionally… Period !


In regards to children, Yes I have them, they are not his, from previous marriage. And happiness, depending on your prospective, it could be many things. My husband knows he called because the other ma accidentially called his cell not mine (one digit difference. Yes we are still living together, Why - I don’t know. He won’t leave because he is in denial about the whole thing. We have the same conversation daily. For instance, “You are not going to try are you”, “NO”, “Why not?”, " Because I have been trying a the feelings are just not there, I don’t love you." We do this EVERYDAY!!! I did go look at a place to rent today, and he ask where I was because I was late. When I told him, he became furious that I was even thinking of such and when was I going to talk to him about it.


First of all, your marriage cannot “end completely” till one of you moves out for a year and a day. Since you are the one that wants out and had the affair, this is YOU. Go ahead and find somewhere else to rent so you can start the separation. Not that I blame your husband for being angry and making threats (though I can’t understand why he’d want to stick around with you since you’ve made it clear you don’t care about him)…but if he makes threats to YOU, when you move out or before, maybe you can get a restraining order against him. I doubt you can do anything about his threats to your cheatmate since (maybe I’ve been watching to much TV) I belive it would be hearsay…in other words, your word against his. I mean, do you have concrete PROOF that he made these threats other than your word?


Just remember whoever leaves everything you have whether debt or profit if it was acquired during the married its called martial debt so understand the house note, car payments, loans and child expenses,etc are both of your responsibility unless he puts you out or you put him out.


Dear unhappy:

Greetings. Wow…that does not sound safe for either of you. Nevertheless, you are asking a criminal question and I must direct you to a criminal attorney. I am worried for your safety though and would suggest that if the marriage is over, that you really do work on bringing an end to it and increase your safety. Thank you.

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My husband and I are going through some problems. He is aware of an affair last summer. The other guy calls occasionally and we communicate via email at times. We still like each other, but are waiting until my marriage has ended completely. My husband is very suspicious and I understand completely, my fault. My question however is, If he makes a statement to me regarding the other guys safety (example: he is lucky to still be sucking air or lucky I have not blown his head off), is this a threat? My husband is a policeman and has went into some detail as to how he would kill the other guy.