God it’s awful, living in the same house and yet im so lonely how do I move on !


Patience. Especially if you were in the relationship for a while, it will take a while to heal. Be kind to yourself. You need to mourn the death of this relationship, find out what didn’t work, what worked, so that you can move on in life.

There’s a big difference between being lonely and being alone. Fill your life with the things you have wanted to do for a long time or go out and find new things to discover about yourself. Find out who you are at this point in time, post-separation. You’ve grown, and you need to find out who you are again outside of a relationship. Take that time for yourself to find what makes you happy without someone else in your life.

While you are doing this, get out and force yourself to meet people who do the things you like to do. If you like, get involved in helping others and giving the love you’d like to receive. Coaching kids in athletics, visiting nursing homes, participating in team sports, knitting clubs, book groups, whatever it takes to keep you busy and exposed to other people. The loneliness will fade.

There are also divorce support groups out there who may be able to help you on your journey. They may be able to help you through some of the feelings of loneliness.

My thoughts are with you. I know this isn’t easy. Try to think of it as an adventure. Adventures aren’t easy, but they can be rewarding.


Sell the house! Don’t stay there one minute longer! I did not start to “heal” until I got the hell out of the marital home. Some have no problem staying in familiar surroundings while others feel like the same ole surroundings are choking the life out of them! My guess is getting out of that house will make all the difference in the world! It did for me. I love my little “new” house and there are NO ghosts in this little house keeping me awake! Get out. Get out now!