Need Help With Separation Agreement

I am a state employee who works in the criminal justice field and is currently going through a separation. My soon-to-be ex is trying to put me through the ringer because he can. All I want is out of this marriage so that I can finally be happy. Right now things are tense and I need to get me and the children out of the house. We are working on a separation agreement, pretty much everything has been decided we just need it on paper. I can’t afford to pay for it and he won’t pay for it so I am in search of an attorney or someone who knows what they’re doing to put everything on paper so we can get it put into place. Please, if anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thank you!

Why dont you hire a divorce appraiser?? Cornerstoneap helped me to settle things out with my ex.

We have a Sample Separation Agreement located on our website that you can use as a guide to draft up the terms of your agreement. You should also consider using Rosen Online for assistance with drafting. We can help with providing forms and answers to your questions for less than the cost of traditional representation.