No more visitations at age 14?

Coincidental choice of words with 'extrememly [sic] “attached” '. I often wonder if it is me or what the deal with my ex’s obsession about our son is. Other women have referred to my ex as stubborn and overprotective. Why are single moms of boys like that?

Stay in his life to act as a counter-balance. Establish rules and discipline, and open the world to your son.

Child in NC does not get to decide visitation issues. A judge may take the wishes of a child of “suitable” age into account, but is not required to do so.

Is your visitation per court order or unincorporated separation agreement? If per agreement, you have nothing enforceable. If per court order, she has to provide the visitation unless she has very good reason for withholding it. You can try to force compliance with court order via show cause/contempt proceedings.

Sep. agreement (judge signed). Awaiting attny’s response here. Thanks.

Children do not get to decide their own custody arrangements in NC. If the parents are unable to agree then a court has the authority to make the decision and the opinion of a 14 year old will be considered. These situation become very difficult with an older child that refuses to do what is ordered. When that happens I rarely see the parties satisfied with the outcome.

Good luck.

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My ex wife keeps telling me that my son can decide whether or not he wishes to visit me when he turns 14. I find this very difficult to believe.

My ex moved away to another city (within NC) with my son. I have visition rights, and have legal custody as well (per out separation agreement). There have been many instances when she’s withheld these visitations (by making false excuses). I’ve documented these cases, but my son is so involved with so many activities. It is possible that he doesn’t want to leave his home because of this, and because his mother is extrememly “attached” to our son.

I want to know if there is a NC law that allows a 14 yr-old to decide this! Incidently, he turns 14 this month. I would be crushed.

Thank you in advance.