Please Help I am Hurt Deeply


I have similar situation, wife left me with son, no family in the area.ANYWAY, you must obtain a lawyer,If you are making 85k you should be able to pay something up front(go get a loan)its money well spent to secure your kids a good future. If she dealing with a drug user then she probably is using as well(unstable)so you should be worried about the saftey of your kids because the man shes with probably will minipulate her and have her do things like go into the house and take things so I will change all my locks imediatley. If you are not requiring anything from her(financial support) and she willing to give you full custody and a divorce then jump on it, that shouldn’t cost much and you will be able to relocate to persue your career and provide a better living environment for your kids.


Dear harbinc:

Greetings. I know it is difficult, but you do need to hire an attorney. Most attorneys do not take payment arrangements for divorce cases, due to the high emotions. I would suggest that you work out financing. Good luck on the move!

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November 2, 2005 my wife walked out on me and my two younf sons. She didnt just leave by herself but with my neighbor whom she has been talking/affair for about a month so she says. I currently have my kids and have them in counseling. This man has ran off with my wife and they are living in a hotel and I suspect they are doing drugs. He is a known crystal meth user, also I find it highly unlikely that they arent having sex while she is married to me. She has only called 2 or 3 times since she left. She has no desire to come back to us. I am so affraid that she will take my children which she does not deserve. She chose to leave not me I wanted to work out our marriage for the sake of the love I have for her and our children. We were suspose to prepair a move to Oregon for me to advance with the company I work for with a 85k year salary. I really do not know what to do and need any advice I can get. What can I do to keep my kids and what can I do to this man for taking off with my wife? I currently do not have the money needed for an attorney, but I am willing to make payment arrangements with someone but I am having a hard time finding someone to work with me. My wife states that she will give me full custody of my children but I need the paper drawn up and signed by a judge. Also the man she is with has a horrible record in Currituck county from drugs to spousal abuse per a magistarte court judge I spoke to. Please help I need someon I have noone here to lean on I am all by myself.

Chad Harbin