Sad ex wife

llbrant: you sound like my STBX. she has been through similar situation and is also depressed. After making many trips back to her homestate, I found out she is talking to a car salesman she met back last year. We had a beautiful marriage (not perfect, but beautiful) and two lovely children. i love her…bottom line: she is leaving me for her friend. there is no excuse for a man or a woman leaving their marriage for another person in this manner.

i don’t trust her anymore and look forward to divorcing her when the time comes. i forgave her in my heart but can’t live with someone who would consider betrayal as an option to her problems. you need to look for God and ask for his forgiveness and start with a new appreciation for life and respect for marriage. you can be happy again…

hi i have kinda a unusual situation i left my husband after 7yrs of marriage foe really no good reason
i had been misdiagnosed by my dr.he gave me a total hysterectomy at 29 and 2 days later they realized it was’nt anything wrong with was my back the whole i had spinal fusion surgery 3months make a long story short I was on so much medication hormone med,narcotic,antidepressant i totally lost touch with what was going on. So i met someone at the grocery store we started talking it was like i was trying to get away from i left the marriage. 2 months later i came to reality and tried to work things out with ex but he was already seeing his ex girlfriend from high school and did’nt have any interest in me at all we have one child together we have not spoken in a year she want allow him to.
we got a divorce in feb he got married yesterday mar4. i just don’t know how he could just go on that easy knowing everything i went through with the hysterectomy. but i guess i’m the one who screwed up first.I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart but that really did’nt matter to him after they started dating.she moved in with him 6 months after we seperated.I am just so mad at myself for making such a bad bad mistake.