Scared to file myself

I am scared to file divorce myself. It is a a simple divorce. I got a protection order against my soon to be ex husband in October because he came to my house to try and kill me. He also threatened to kill himself about a half dozen times to get me to agree to an earlier separation date.

Is it safe for me to file divorce pro se??? I am just scared if he comes to court what might happen.

When you go to court, you should inform the sheriff’s deputy that there is a protective order in place in the event he does show up. The deputy should keep the parties separated and allow you to leave in advance to keep your distance.

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Just as Kathleen suggested you can inform the Sheriff in the courtroom (arrive early to do that) .
Another option is to contact the victim advocate in your court house, he/she will make arrangements to make sure your safe as well & will possibly sit with you in an area that your EX cannot access if he shows up. Call your local court house and ask who to the victim advocate is & they will give you information.

** ALSO ** Your Victim Advocate is a good source for legal advice and referral.

To be clear, unless a victim advocate is an attorney, he or she cannot provide legal advice.