Terms Of Mediation


One of the terms of our mediation is that we undergo family counseling and it states that the parties will try their best to find a counselor covered by their insurance. Well the girls and I are insured under my insurance of course. He’s on his own. He is forwarding me recommendations from his therapist (which I will not utilize as they most likely will be tainted) and am doing research on my own as to what type of counseling will be best for us. There is no timeframe specified in the mediation papers and he is badgering me to get this moving (because I’m seeing someone and he feels that a counselor will tell us that it’s not appropriate … his words … so basically he’s trying to control whether I date or not while we’re separated) but since there is no time frame listed in the paperwork, it’s my understanding that I don’t have to jump when he snaps.

Is there an implied timeframe on this that I simply am not aware of? Thanks as always for your time.


If there is no time frame in the document, one doesn’t exist and the court would infer counseling begin in a “reasonable time”- which could vary from one judge’s perception to the next. I would suggest you begin, the sooner the better, for the benefit of all.