Threatening situation?

If a husband has a bad habbit of doing unsavory things over a long period of years on and off, and I happen to find out that he is secretly being tested for STDs. Is this considered threatening to my daughters and I ? I am so discusted, have been sleeping in another room for a year and a half, waiting for him to move out and he isn’t!!! Is this considered grounds for Divorce from B and B in order to make him leave, so I can live in peace? He is a liar and is living a secret life. I know many things about him that he doesn’t even know that I know. Please help me!

Yes, you could have a good claim for a divorce from bed and board. If he has engaged in marital misconduct (like adultery), then you could file for a divorce from bed and board seeking an order from the court forcing him out of the home. Otherwise, you cannot force him out of the martial residence absent fault as outlined in the statutes.