To a victim

Dear “victim”:

I did not have a 21 year vacation! By mutual agreement, the ex and I decided I would stay home and raise the children plus take care of everything else! He made so much damn money that my working outside the home was actually detrimental financially plus he could not have afforded what I was worth! I have a master’s degree in education! I lost 21 years worth of experience and a ton of salary to devote myself to HIM and MY CHILDREN! HE chose to have the affairs and I could not live with his philandering any longer! He never provided for me and the children like someone ought to have provided! He “stole” money! He spent money on his girlfriends! He kept me on a shoestring budget! And in the end, he got to keep all the money! Now, at well over 50, I have had to return to the work force and cannot recoup the salary that I have lost! Meanwhile, he is on easy street! His career and finances are stabilized and he is semi-retired! He has the option of improving his standard of living while I am held to the minimalist standard he set during the marriage of keeping me on an allowance! Only now, I have to work for over half the amount of the damn allowance and cannot make ends meet sometimes! He pays me 6% of his income! So, how do you propose that I “better myself”? Go back to school at my age??? So, I sacrificed my career for HIS! And he reaps ALL the benefits! I hope you are happy NOW! You and the damn judge who sentenced me to this life!