Unbelievable case...of spousal betrayal

Do not give her anything that she can use against you. Follow the restrictions placed on yo by the courts and show them that you are a citizen that respects and abids by the laws. I am sure it is hard to restrain yourself but, if the oourts have given you visitation rights to your children, then she cannot stop you from seeing them and if she does, go file a complaint with the courts.

You must not give her anything else she can use against you in court. Also, get a good lawyer. Search for a good lawyer with a high ethics rating at martindale.com/


When you look for a lawyer, find one that specializes in family law.

Also, you need a lawyer that is aggressive. Your soon-to-be ex will probably continue to attack you, so you will need to be strongly defended.

Good luck.

My case is going to make history about divorce in this country (I believe so anyway)
For 10 years I was [:)] married, have two children. I help my wife to get educated.[8D] Once she got a master degree, she went to work and after 55 days, she came and confesses that she was in love with a coworker, that he was her spiritual master[}:)] and that she had sex at the office.[:(!] Shocking as it is, she didn’t finished there after I told her that she should leave us(me and the kids). She got with her lover and set me up, made me arrested and then, set false evidence about being a terrorist.[xx(] Not finished yet, she have alienated my children, took possession of all my stuff( I was able to get off with my clothes and the garage junk after jail)and now is accusing me of stalking, harassing and doesn’t let me see my children. she became a harridan after been a wonderful, loving wife. All in 55 days of going to work!

I want to know what are my rights as to how I can see my children without risking a 51b. restriction. She had use all the tricks of the book of harridans, fake statements of domestic violence, lie to police, lie in court, lie to our friends, lie to college professors about me and the reason of our separation. she threat me to kill me if I go after “them”, if I defend myself and prove their conspiracy.

She makes big salary, I’m still at college (living with loans and family support) and now she is asking me for child support. I was parent at home while she finished her masters (three years), I lost my career as IT professional, to help her finish higher education. Now she pays me with this infamy.

I just want to see my kids and hopefully seek that justice will be served.