Dear Daniel:

Greetings. First, don’t be late or leave early or fail to show up. Do you care for this child? If so, there is no reason for the above things to occur. You can control work schedules, etc., within reason to see the child on time and for the entire visit.

Now that I am done scolding, I think that your actions may be enough for you to have to continue with supervised visits. If you do have to continue with supervised visits, ask the judge for someone other than your ex to supervise (like a psychologist or social worker assigned by the court).

Also, as long as you made the child support payment by the time you go to court, you are not in contempt. Make sure all other payments are on time. Not paying child support does not mean that you will not be able to see your child, but it does make it look like your child is not a priority.

More than likely, since you have attended each visit, you will be allowed to start the unsupervised visits. Stop worrying about your ex’s continued negative treatment of you and start being happy about the time you have with your child. You cannot change your ex’s opinions of you over a couple of months, but over a year or so of continued visitations and child support payments, her attitude may become more positive. Smooth sailing.

P.S. Child support payments before attorney fees!

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney with Rosen Divorce
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I have been visiting my child for six weeks on supervised visits, court ordered. I was late a couple times, left early one time and couldn’t visit another time, at all. However, I called the parent and advised that I would not be there. Now, the other parent is telling me I have to make up that missed date. The court order does not say that. I am suppose to take my child out for unsupervised visit for a few hours beginning this week. The other parent now states to me that she is going back to court to get more time for supervised visits, stating I have not fullfilled the order and the child does not know me. Can she do this? Also, I was a month behind on my first child support payment. The judge told me at the temporary custody hearing that I had to have the CS payment in on time, I didn’t have the money I had to pay my attorney. Will this be a reason to go back to court. Am I in contempt of court? Am I in trouble?

Thanks for any advise.