No, you was not at felt. But husband makes me feel the same way. I really can not help you but I do know how you feel. But do not even think that you are in felt. He is just using that to make himself feel better about leaving. You do not let me keep threwing that in your face. Next time he does enlight him of the truth and keep threwing it in his face.

My wife as well has tried to make me out to be the bad guy. Its a matter of that spouse doing that to make themselves feel better about what they are doing. The more they can justify their actions. The more they can try to ease their concience. As well as try to make you submit to them.

My wife was lying to her coworkers and was trying to JUSTIFY her actions. I was shocked at the news when she told me she wanted a divorce a month ago, and I’ve talked to people so I could get VALIDATED for feeling the way I do.

To my wife and her new friends, I am the bad guy. She has even told them things to make them think I am abusive and a homosexual! I don’t really carw what they think, but she could try and get me arrested to get me out of the house.

It makes them feel better if they put you down or focus only on YOUR faults.

Originally posted by deacons93
My wife was lying to her coworkers and was trying to JUSTIFY her actions.

To my wife and her new friends, I am the bad guy. She has even told them things to make them think I am abusive.

my wife did these same things with the co-workers and friends that really didn’t know me that well. The people that really knew me. She’d tell them that we didn’t work out and that we agreed to seperate. But those that knew me also called me up and asked me. So i’d tell them the truth. She’s lost credibility with her closest family very quickly. Not that was my intentions. But I’m not going to lie for her or any one else for that matter.

Wow! I love our forum members. You make me believe in great people that provide help when it is needed.

My advice is that you may never know why, and repeatedly asking the question keeps you in the same situation, feeling the same way.

Instead of asking why, ask “What can I do now?” Get a list and start taking the actions.

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My husband and I are in the process of seperating and than divorce…Why is it he makes it like I am the one that was at fault for our marriage to come to an end??? He has cheated on me 2 times and the second time he has left the home to move in with the lady he had been carring on with for a year…I have been here for him the whole time and been here to pick up the pieces when he fell only to help him gert right back up to keep going on. And everytime the Marine Corp told him to go he would go and no looking back…That why it was so easy for him to pack up and leave the kids and I behind. But today when he came to get our son to take him out for his bday he threw up an incident that happened in 92 that I had talked to another man and he had given me a hug and now the husband wants to throw more into it than whatever happened… Why? that hug that man name I do not know gave me a hug for the hurt that I told him about the husband is wanting to make it an issue that only maybe lasted not more than 10 mins as I left and wanted to get home. As I got home I called the husband and told him of the hug and the talk I had with the men and the husband told me not to think about it that he had forgiven me for the hug that I had gotten from another man… A brief 10 mins he wants to throw back in my face as if I was the one who made the marriage fall apart while in Nov,2000 he had an affair while oversea’s serving in the Marine Corp and than retired from the Marines and carried on for a year with another lady locally and left the home to move in with his mistress… Was I more at fault? them him to carry on for a year oversea’s and than come home to pick up another for a year and than leave the family? All I was guilty of was being a honest, caring, truthful wife to my husband who is now in another woman’s arms…