Wife commited adultry


Just to throw a twist into it, I forgot to mention that she has resigned her position and will be a stay at home mom after the first of the year. She quit since the other man also works there.


I have been in your situation emotionally and to be blunt, unless she wants to work it out and if she has been having affairs she does not, you just putting off the hurt. The affairs are not the reason the marriage is going down it is the final nail. Get to a lawyer and move the process forward.


Im sorry hear about what happen too you…myself i have just found out that my wife has cheated on me. the thing about that is…she said she didn’t even moan once or kiss him at all, but i know thats a lie. And what hurts me the most is that she did that when my son was only sleeping not 10ft from her. I hope your strong and try to deal with it…but myself i can"t…


well you can file for custody of the kids and then she’ll have to pay child support to you. or bend over and take it up the you know what, cause if you make more than she does, then you are going to be paying out the butt for child support or you and her can agree on a reasonable child support agreement and file it with your seperation papers,
when a spouse has an affair it always hard to get over my husband cheated on me and you’ll never get over it and you will always wonder when are they gonna do it again



Just found out 1 1/2 months ago that my wife of 10 years has been having an affair for the past year. My situation is I earn about 3 times her teacher salary and we have two young children.

If I continue to try to reconcile the marriage (we have set June as a preliminary deadline to see where things are) how does that affect any settlement she might be entitled to? I have serious doubts about our ability to move past this so I am trying to find out some information before I go too far in trying to make this work.

Just for clarification, I do want to work it out, I just want to know where I might stand if it does not.

Thanks in advance for any replies.