Would this be wrong of me?

lol. wouldn’t be wrong. Justifiable if you ask me. But rather awkward to have to work with your husband under those conditions.

Dear babyluvs1958:

Greetings. If I were you, I would not want to work with my spouse, unless I was working at a dump or medical testing on humans facility. Your best “revenge” may be obtaining child support, alimony, and all property that you are entitled to. Not to mention that you may have the option of filing an alienation of affections claim. Best of luck.

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Ok my husband of 17 years has left me for a second time of cheating to live with the woman he has been cheating with for a year…They both work at the same store and the store has a hiring freeze…Now seeing the woman has broken our family could I go to the store where they work and explain to the manage that seeing I need to work to support my children I feel the woman can give her job up for me to beable to provide for my children due to her robbing me and the kids of a husband and a father?


Just curious here…[:D]